Clapper Talks: Introducing Our New Official Account 🗣

A new official Clapper account has been created to bring our team and the creators closer together. Clapper Talks was created as an opportunity for the team to really get involved with the community. We will be participating in community challenges, trends, and campaigns. Additionally, this account is meant to be your friend, your confidant, … Continue reading Clapper Talks: Introducing Our New Official Account 🗣

What’s Trending On Clapper? #SeptemberHashtags

What’s trending this month? Keep up with Clapper’s latest trends and plan ahead your content. Make sure you can participate in all the big movements in your Clapper community by staying up to date with our brand new hashtag updates. Read on September’s new trends with their unique descriptions. #HurricaneIda: Ida causes widespread damage and … Continue reading What’s Trending On Clapper? #SeptemberHashtags