Combating misinformation and Conspiracy theories on Clapper

Users come to Clapper as they are valued more for showing real world around them. Our team work diligently to uphold our Community Guidelines to keep the platform free from misinformation, misleading and conspiracy theories content. Recently our team rigorously scanned all the possible content on platform and banned 500+ accounts and taken down over … Continue reading Combating misinformation and Conspiracy theories on Clapper

Clapper Ranks #33 on Play Store and #37 on App Store

Clapper moves up to 33 on Play Store & #37 on Apple worldwide in Social Media category. Clapper has reached yet another milestone today, ranking #37 in Social media category in the Apple app store. The breakthrough comes after thousands of creators moved to Clapper where they are getting significant engagement compared to other similar … Continue reading Clapper Ranks #33 on Play Store and #37 on App Store

Clapper Radio

Introducing hand-free audio only chat! You feel shy to be on camera? Or you comfortable just with talking? Clapper introduces Clapper Radio featuring ephemeral real-time voice conversations that you can listen and talking while driving, cooking, gyming, or running. Each room can have 20 speakers at the same time with a maximum of 2000 listeners. … Continue reading Clapper Radio

App Update- 5.2.3

We have released the new update for both Android and Apple users. Following are the new addition/changes in the features based on the feedback we received from our users. – Username can only be changed once in three months – Video creators can see the reasons and appeal for the removal of the video – … Continue reading App Update- 5.2.3

App Update 5.2.2

Clapper- iOS & Android 5.2.2 has been updated. The features included in this update are: 1. Everyone can use the video to reply to the comment 2. Support users to delete DM messages 3. Pin video 4. Support users to delete accounts (the user without fam can be deleted, if has opened clapper fam, let … Continue reading App Update 5.2.2